Social Responsability

The social responsability of Y&V towards our stakeholders as a whole constitutes the pillar of our activities.

This translates into a firm and voluntary commitment in all aspects of the sustainable development of our country.

Our social strategy is focused on the well-being of our employees, the development of social investment projects in the communities where we operate, and in providing educational opportunities, overcoming exclusion and improving the quality of life of children and adolescents at social risk. through the Y&V Foundation for Abandoned Children and Education of the Needy.

Aligned with the Global Goals

Since the publication in 2015 of the 2030's Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals Y&V has aligned with the agenda proposed by the United Nations, contributing with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, through our support programs for the most vulnerable populations, and the responsible development of our operations. We respect the environment and promote local growth alongside communities, to create value for our society and global wellbeing.

Latin American Award for Corporate Social Responsibility. FIIC.2014-2016 .

Y&V Volunteering

Y&V encourages the social commitment of its workers through an active volunteer program. This program is aimed at children and young people residing in the foster homes served by the Foundation Y&V and focuses on the conduction of recreational activities essential for the integral growth of children.

15 average activities per year
1200 children benefited from the activities
2000 hours per year on average, of the employees’ free time

Foundation Y&V

Our mission:

Y&V’s Foundation for the Abandoned Childhood and Education of People in Need was created in 2005. Its mission is to bring educational opportunities, overcome social exclusion and improve the life quality of children and teenagers at social risk.

Our programs:

  • Undergraduate Scholarships: We award scholarships and monitor the performance of university students. This program is available for students of low-income backgrounds with remarkable academic records, in both private and public universities in Venezuela.

  • 460 Students benefited, on an annual basis, from the Scholarship program since its creation.

  • Prevention and Attention of children and teenagers at social risk: We sponsor and strengthen projects promoted by service entities and social organizations. Fundación Y&V provides institutional consulting, recurring program follow-ups and encourages the participation in our volunteering activities with children and teenagers in foster homes and shelters.

  • 623 Children’s at households with benefits per year.

    5572 beneficiaries per year of the different projects carried out by social organizations in the areas of Food, Education for Work and Prevention.

Management Systems Policy (HSEQ)


Y&V, focused on excellence, has ISO 9001: 2015 certification in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services in Venezuela since 1999, and engineering, auditing, purchasing and project management services, in Colombia since (year). For Y&V, be governed by a quality management system is a strategic component that allows it to regulate and increase client satisfaction levels, through continuous improvements in processes, with high performance and solidity that empowers it in the use of sustainable solutions.

Y&V therefore guarantees its clients:

  • Services that meet the applicable legal and regulatory requirements
  • Promote strategies to increase client´s satisfaction
  • Address the risks and opportunities associated with the context and objectives of the project, in depth
  • Demonstrate compliance with an approach to total quality and business excellence models

In this sense, Y&V professionals receive quality training, which promotes the application of best practices for the development, execution and administration of small, medium and large-scale EPC projects.


Y&V encourages in the exercise of its activities, professionalism, excellence, responsibility, awareness and appropriate relationships with stakeholders in the environment where it operates. Therefore, it adopts an Integrated Management System certified under the international standard ISO 45001: 2018.

To support the safety of its professionals, clients and associates, it is governed by the highest standards of prevention; incorporating safety practices in daily operations, specifically in the areas: local, regional and corporate. In the engineering and construction industry, Y&V has a focus on risk elimination through thorough training, decisive planning and procedures according to health and safety policies, leaders in the area.

To go forward along these lines, the benefits that are usually established are:

  • Greater value and safety for clients in the supply chain.
  • Increased participation of members of the organization and other interested parties.
  • Reduction of the cost of incidents, downtime and the cost in the failure of services.
  • Better reputation, by complying with an international standard.

Y&V has an emergency brigade to handle risky situations, which includes drill exercises and continuous training on best practices to the qualified personnel.


Y&V, aware of the environmental challenge entailed by the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) businesses, is widely committed to creating solutions that optimize the use of resources, reduce waste and energy consumption, properly manage the waste generated and train related personnel.

With an Environmental Management System based on the ISO 14001: 2015 standard, the success of the projects is backed up by the quality of the services, professionals and teams that bring each work to life. The organization management strategically covers the challenges and opportunities according to the environment; as well as the integration of environmental technologies and compliance with the requirements of said international standard.

Y&V effectively aligns with the socio-economic priorities of the business and the protection of the environment, through:

  • Environmental protection using prevention.
  • Mitigation of environmental impacts.
  • Control of the way in which the products and services offered by the organization are designed..
  • ISO-45001-2018.
  • QNet-ISO-45001.