About us

Proud to Build the Future day by day

At Y&V we have 35 years of successful experience in engineering and construction, assuming transformation as an inspiring challenge to add value in challenging projects that contribute to the growth and sustainable development of the countries of the continent.

With the capacity to execute large-scale projects with high technical complexity, supported by a multidisciplinary organization with highly-trained and qualified professionals with a solid track record.

Organization focused on knowledge management, with technical and procedural capacity to directly execute all phases of a project: Engineering, Procurement and Construction. More than 1,400 projects successfully developed.

Professional team trained and qualified for the development of projects with critical schedules and a high level of quality. Trusted personnel and technical teams available in Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela.

An agile, efficient and integrated corporate structure for shared work. Focused on meeting goals.

International quality certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14.001, ISO 18.000 and ISO 45001.

Solid track record in establishing alliances with leading international partners.

Advanced technological tools for the execution of projects with the highest quality standards.

Efficient and reliable Health, Safety and Environment System.

Based on its resources, experience and skills, Y&V successfully expands its operations in Latin America and today it is considered a world-class contractor that offers the best solutions in different productive sectors for the development of IPC projects of different dimensions and degrees of complexity.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is chaired by Y&V Founder, and includes the Executive President of the company, an internal Director and three independent External Directors. Its members each have more than 40 years of experience in the International Engineering & Construction industry.

The Board of Directors acts as Y&V's highest decision-making body and pays special attention to strategic management, resource allocation, financial control and risk management. Their meetings are monthly.

The management team is headed by the President of the company and includes the Vice Presidents of the Business Units and Corporate Functions. This team is responsible for the general management of Y&V and for coordinating all its operational activities. Their meetings are weekly.


Based on the highest Quality and Safety standards, extensive engineering and construction technological knowledge, with tailored solutions and proven expertise in project execution, Y&V is positioned as the preferred option for clients, employees and stakeholders. . For this, its strategic base is made up of the following aspects:

Regional Market Leadership

Positioning of Y&V as one of the main IPC Contractors in the Latin American market, based on the development and execution of projects for medium and large-scale investments. Establishing Strategic Alliances with prestigious international first-line companies.

Portfolio Focused on the Energy and Petrochemical Sector

Relevant experience and growth in the areas of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Electricity and Infrastructure.

Technical Competences

Systematic strengthening of key competencies in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Project Management. Attraction and Retention of the most talented professionals and project experts in their job markets.

Excellence in Project Execution

Application of the best Management tools and Standardized Project Execution Processes, in order to guarantee their best performance. Systematic Evaluation of the Execution and Risks and Effective Implementation of Mitigating and Corrective Measures.

Focused on the Client

We maintain permanent contact with our clients and have measurement mechanisms that allow us to know their expectations from the beginning of the projects and evaluate their satisfaction with the service provided, in this way we guarantee the achievement of the expected results.



"Provide excellent Engineering and Construction services that exceed the expectations of our clients and maximize the well-being of employees and shareholders within a business philosophy that promotes the development of society and the conservation of the environment."


“To be a world-class international corporation of integrated Engineering and Construction services, recognized for the excellent levels of compliance, reliability, quality and commitment to our clients.”


  • Recognition and Respect for the individual: We act with the certainty that our employees are our most important asset. We strive to continually seek their personal and professional development.
  • Mystique, passion and commitment: We distinguish ourselves because we do our work with emotion, effort, perseverance and responsibility; as well as with the conviction that we are building a better future.
  • Integrity: We behave correctly, according to our fundamental principles and values, both personally and professionally.
  • Willingness to the challenge: We face the present and the future with a competitive spirit, achievement orientation, proactive attitude and optimism.
  • Excellence: We constantly seek the best solutions to increase our productivity and added value through continuous improvement. We are always oriented to be the best with the goal of achieving the highest quality levels.
  • Teamwork: We believe that only by cooperating, supporting and complementing each other, will we achieve the best results and the greatest professional goals.
  • Willingness change: We promote the ability to adapt and handle new situations and circumstances in the execution of our work. We demand ourselves enormous flexibility and adaptability to business dynamics in different times, countries and cultures.

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