We have strived to create a work environment full of challenges and opportunities.

Our corporate culture is alive in each member of the organization, we highly value teamwork, initiative and high performance. We promote collaborative work as the basis for creating a strong and competitive team.

We are a company that has grown in the midst of difficulties, that has taught us to give great value to our human talent. Their commitment and dedication have built the foundations for success in each of our projects.


Talent recruitment

We have the best work team, we are sure of that because we have seen them face each professional challenge with enthusiasm, courage and success.

We have provided technological platforms for all of our people to contribute to their training and develop the necessary skills in the industry.

The diversity of our human talent offers us the possibility of being competitive in our sector and of offering our clients the best service accompanied by the excellence of the products developed by them.

We are looking for professionals who are confident of their worth, passionate about challenges and willing to take off their careers with us.

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One of our values sums up the ideal with which we work, we love committed people but we love even more when that commitment is accompanied by passion for the profession. Our human talent loves what it does.

We accompany our professionals during their development process, providing them with orientation, training actions and evaluation processes that allow them to direct their efforts in a manner consistent with their objectives and hand in hand with growth within the organization.

Our people are exposed to challenging and ambitious projects that allow them to acquire technical, business and leadership skills that serve as the basis for their professional success.

We are the right company for you

If you are finishing your studies of a career in the branch of engineering or business / management at a recognized university, and you are interested in having the opportunity of a first job that allows you to demonstrate all your skills..

If you have completed your professional studies and want to be part of a growing international company that challenges your skills day by day and offers you development opportunities.

If you are a professional with extensive experience in the engineering and construction sector looking for a long-term relationship and you want to belong to an ambitious team that faces challenging projects.

If you want to be part of Y&V, follow us on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/empresas-y&v and find out about our news and selection processes.


  • “I started in the organization in 1994. Since that time there have been many changes and transformations that we have experienced as a company, and for me it is an immense pride to belong to this great family, even more so when I have witnessed its evolution, its behavior in difficult times, how it has managed to transform these into great challenges and new opportunities.Y&V has been my home and my school.  Working hand in hand with people who love their work and who see an opportunity in every crisis, is what has developed in me an immense commitment and a clear identification with the company.  They have been fruitful years, full of experiences, satisfactions, lessons learned, achievements, self-realization, I feel grateful and blessed for the trust, the great support and the family treatment that they have always given me.”

    Nancy Vázquez
    Coordinator of Benefits and quality of life HHRR
  • I started in 1997 with the formation of a high-performance team for the development of a 100% project in the electricity sector.  The challenge sounded right for me, it was a time when applications and simulators were booming and there was  little experience, almost everything had to be done, this aroused great interest in future opportunities and activities.  The organizational challenge sounded even greater and very soon a whirlwind of activities and actions began that allowed us to get to what we are today.  The history of growth, opportunities and consolidation of the company is not different from mine, I was born, as a professional,  in Y&V and today this business culture represents  my lifestyle.  Here I learned that “crisis equals opportunities” and that these are faced with enthusiasm and perseverance.  This has been a lifetime of adventure and learning, people  whom every day leave us footprints and that without them our activity would not be possible.  Anyone who has had the privilege of being part of this great family knows that success is the sum of each and every  step and  the effort of each of the members of our team.

    Carlos Salas
    Core Processes Manager Colombia
  • For me, thinking about Y&V is thinking about opportunities, engineering, teamwork, growth, learning, organization, order, discipline, structure and support. I will always welcome the opportunity to work alongside professionals with great technical and leadership strengths who  they left and continue to leave traces of both technical and human learning in me.  At Y&V I learned a phrase that I love: “Crisis equals opportunity”, a phrase that strengthens me, helps me to be creative and reinvent myself and to make each project my opportunity to continue offering what I do best: Engineering.

    Ninora Bracamonte
    Project Manager