As Leader General Contractor offers Integrated Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services for clients in the Power, Petrochemical, Oil, Gas, Manufacturing and Infrastructure sectors.

A trained and qualified professional team and in-depth technological knowledge allow Y&V to solve all challenges related to its clients' projects within budget and on time.

The scope of the services offered by Y&V comprises the complete life cycle of a project: Visualization, Conceptualization, Definition, Implementation, Start-up and Operation.



and Execution


Detailed Engineering:
- Procurement
- Construction
Commissioning /
Start Up and

Scope of

Preliminary Scope
Feasibility Assessment
Choice of
Process Design
Systems Design
LLi Procura
Plant Design
Detailed Design Manufacturing
Equipment & Materials


We execute each project meticulously, evaluate every detail and provide innovative solutions to the most complex requirements.



Y&V has professional engineers, designers and an extensive network of specialists for engineering development with high-tech applications.

Extensive experience in Conceptual Engineering (FEL - FEED), Basic and Detail projects for complex and large projects in Energy, Petrochemicals, Oil, Gas and Infrastructure.

We have highly trained and experienced personnel in the use of complex design tools in specialties such as Civil, Processes, Electricity, Mechanics, Piping, Rotating and Static Equipment and Instrumentation, among others.

We have the infrastructure, processes and tools to develop quality-focused engineering designs and global standards to achieve consistent results for our clients.

2D and 3D design with the latest tools and programs. Our computing infrastructure and cloud servers give us 24/7 connectivity.

The processes and tools of shared work, plant engineers and satellite locations allow us to operate as in the same location.


Y&V has an experienced and qualified Procurement organization to provide the best solutions in the supply of goods and services.

As part of the procurement process, Y&V has trained professionals, adequate and proven processes, automated tools, as well as a global and diverse network of reliable suppliers, which ensure compliance with the commitments established with our clients, providing the highest possible added value, and guaranteeing the timely, safe supply and at the lowest cost. .

The organization adapts to the complexity of the different projects, as well as to the local particularities associated with the availability of goods and services, markets, practices and regulations specific to each region.

The integration of the functions of purchasing, monitoring, sub-contract management, strategic supplies, inspection, material control and logistics; as well as transparent management with our network of suppliers, are fundamental keys for the fulfillment of the objectives of the projects and clients.



Y&V is known as a quality-oriented construction service provider with a successful track record in large-scale IPC projects with international reach.

Y&V has the ability to plan and execute complex projects with its own supervision resources, applying the best construction procedures under strict quality control and the highest standards of safety at work.

The experts in construction and execution of projects in Y&V allow to undertake, in an expeditious manner, the timely start of the works and the development of the same under strict control and monitoring to guarantee compliance with the goals and deadlines established in the project.

Y&V provides innovative and competitive building solutions for complex projects.

As part of its activities, Y&V offers its clients the following services for the execution of their construction projects:

  • Civil
  • Structures
  • Electromechanical
  • Pre-commissioning
  • Commissioning
  • Start-up and Commissioning

Project Management (PMT)

Y&V has demonstrated its ability to successfully develop and manage industrial projects of different types and scope in various parts of the world for many years.

In most of its projects, Y&V generally acts as the General Contractor and sole point of contact with the client, while addressing overall responsibility for the successful completion of the client's project plans.

Y&V has experienced teams to cover all aspects of project management, from the initial development and conceptualization phase, through engineering, procurement and construction to completion of the work.

As a General Contractor with extensive project management capabilities, Y&V coordinates the activities of all the contractors or subcontractors involved, and integrates processes and systems tailored for the overall success of the project. This is backed by a Comprehensive Risk Management System, which allows Y&V to constantly offer the maximum results in terms of quality, time and budget.


Environmental Projects

Y&V carries out its projects within the framework of respect for the environment, which is reflected in the positive assessment of our clients in environmental matters.

Each of the projects carried out by Y&V have been executed based on the environmental legal requirements applicable to the place where they are being carried out and in accordance with the provisions of our ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System.

Y&V has carried out extensive Environmental and Sociocultural Impact studies, Waste Management Plans, Environmental Risk Analysis and Environmental Contingency Plans, all of them according to the client's requirements.

Commissioning, Start-up and Commissioning

Y&V offers its services for the Commissioning, Start-up and Commissioning of Projects, executing each of the activities in a structured and efficient way, as well as documenting the set of actions that are required to achieve an effective and smooth start-up, with efficiency and safety, integrity of equipment, people and the project in general.

Among the relevant activities that Y&V carries out in this phase of the projects we have:

  • Inertizing, tests and calibrations
  • Coordination of consumable requirements, catalyst loading, among others
  • Safe and reliable starting
  • Stabilization of the different systems of the facilities
  • Handover of the plant facilities

As part of its processes, Y&V rigorously applies the appropriate procedures in each of these activities during the Commissioning and Start-up phases and Performance Testing, supported by the experience of its key personnel in close coordination with licensors, technologists and customers; in this way a safe, reliable and successful Start-up is guaranteed.