Y&V is an international company, that integrates Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects, with the capacity to design and build multidisciplinary projects, which cover the entire useful life cycle of facilities for the sectors:

  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Power
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure

  • Y&V offers comprehensive, effective and efficient solutions, focused on the use of environmentally friendly technologies, adding value to the important challenges our clients face. For this and with the support of our strategic alliances with recognized international partners and with leading service providers in the market, Y&V has increased and consolidated its experience and capacity to execute important projects related to facilities for the following sectors:



    Y&V has developed a project execution methodology, based on the highest standards of Quality, Safety and Environment, specializing in analysis, design, operational improvement, capacity building and / or modernization, for oil processes that include facilities for:

    • Upstream
    • Midstream
    • Downstream

    Y&V has the experience and capacity to carry out medium and complex projects for light, heavy and extra heavy crude in the areas of:


    Exploration and extraction Platforms, Surface Facilities; Crude Stations; Flow Lines; Collection, Separation and Treatment; Transportation and Storage; Dehydration; Stabilization and Pumping; Effluent Treatment and Disposal; Secondary Recovery; Diluent Management.


    Oil Pipelines, Gas Pipelines, launching and receiving Stations, Pumping Stations, Road and water streams crossings, Tank Storage Yards, Terminals, Docks and their Facilities.


    Process Units: Atmospheric and vacuum Distillation; Hydrotreating; Alkylation; Catalytic Cracking; Delayed Coking; Gas and Liquid Fractionation.

    Auxiliary Units: Amines Regeneration, Sour Water Treatment, Hydrogen and Sulfur Recovery.

    Utilities and Offsites: Power Generation and Distribution Facilities; Wastewater Treatment Plants; Nitrogen Systems; and Combustible Gas; Compressed air; Steam generation and Condensate recovery, Storage and loading Facilities.

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    Y&V specializes in the execution of natural gas project that cover the following Process:

    • Upstream (Production)
    • Midstream (Transportation & Storage)
    • Regasification
    • Liquid Extraction
    • Compression
    • Dehydration
    • Sweetening
    • Liquefaction

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    Y&V promotes the Chemical and Petrochemical industry through its participation in the design and construction of plants of:

    • High and Low Density Polyethylenes
    • Fertilizers (Urea, Calcium Nitrate and Ammonia)
    • Sulfuric acid
    • Olefins
    • MTBE
    • Iso-octanes
    • PVC and Chlor-Alkaly

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    Y&V has developed in the many countries that has been present, projects in the Area of ​​Infrastructure related to Studies, Designs and Construction of:


    Industrial, Hospital, Laboratories, Workshops, Commercial, Offices, Hotels, Residential, Sports, telecommunication.

    Civil works:

    Collecting and Transporting of Water, Storage and Treating of potable Water, Aqueducts, Disposal, Treatment of effluent water, Docks, Terminals, Radio Base Stations, Roads and Bridges among others.

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    Y&V has capacity, as well as extensive experiences in studies, design and construction of Industrial Plants for:

    • Food and drinks
    • Packaging machines
    • Additives and Lubricants
    • Steelmakers
    • Cement factories
    • Cleaning Products and Detergents
    • Air Gases
    • Pulp and Paper, among others

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    Based on its capabilities and experience in the execution of Projects for the Electric Sector, Y&V offers the best solutions for Studies, Design and Construction of Systems of: Hydroelectric and Thermoelectric Generation (Simple and Combined Cycle), Electrical Substations, Power Lines , and Low and Medium Voltage Distribution Systems.
    In our purposes, is to venture into new clean energy projects such as:

    • Photovoltaic Projects
    • Wind Power
    • Generation by Biomass, Biogas and others
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